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Inspiring and empowering the leaders, organizations and professionals of the future

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The Power of One Leadership Playbook

The Ultimate Playbook for Becoming a Super Leader

The Power of One Leadership Playbook is a transformational manual designed to challenge everything you know about leadership and replacing it with tried-and-tested methods for getting people on your side. No matter what your experience as a leader, this playbook will help you get where you want to be, giving you the discipline, focus and lifestyle that puts success first with every single page.

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Your personal and professional development makes all the difference when it comes to striving for success, whatever that success looks like for you.

The key to achieving your potential lies in intentionally and continually improving the way every creative professional, leader, entrepreneur or organization looks at and improves themselves.


As specialists at teaching invaluable life and careers skills, over years of teaching professionals and leaders, as well as working with small businesses, we’ve learned that the biggest challenge facing many people today is a lack of productivity and an inability to focus on their holistic health.


iCreate is all about giving those people and organizations the tools to boost their productivity to change the way they look after their minds, bodies and souls. With our help, people can turn their lives around.



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The Power of One Academy

Teaching holistic and interpersonal development skills to individuals, helping them take back control of their productivity and self-care to fully benefit their personal and working lives.

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iCreate Studios

Helping small-to-medium business refine their employees' work for better results. We build custom-made solutions to help both employees and business leaders of organizations refocus their personal and professional lives.


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Creating leaders in communities and supporting those communities in their leadership development. We help families in communities change their approach to their work and home lives.

Our main focus is working with families, investing in their potential as future leaders and providing them with the same resources that major professionals and organizations use to help them change their lifestyles for the better. Course-by-course, workshop by workshop, we’re using our understanding of what it means to be a leader to change the world.