3 Tips For Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Coming off the heels of our virtual book launch, we're still on Cloud 9! But the work must not stop.

So today we're tackling "How to put your best foot forward: (with some tips from our book of course).

1. Clear your mind

Having a clear mind allows you to simply be in the moment and appreciate your experience for what it is. A clear mind also allows you to think intentionally. This is especially important when you need to be purposeful about your life's goals.

"Intentional leaders have purpose-led interactions that serve to further their reach and progress. This type of leader leaves nothing up to chance and knows that a great plan requires research, careful analysis, execution, and consistent action".

2. Live up to or surpass the standard

In every aspect of life, there is a bar that has been set. Striving to live up to that bar or to surpass it makes you a top contender for success. In being the best you can possibly be and going above and beyond- these attributes make you an asset that is not easily found in today's society.

Choose to stand out!

3. Have Vision

With a vision of your future, you are bound to get to your desired result and therefore, exceed expectations.

"Your personal vision details how you see the best version of yourself. That includes your training, experiences, emotional intelligence, relationships, spiritual well being, etc."

When your vision is active, you are constantly working on attaining it and nothing will ever stand in your way. This kind of motivation gives you a golden ticket for winning at life.

You can find all these tips and more in The Power of One Leadership Playbook!

Unlock all the steps in putting your best foot forward with your personal copy


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