We're Celebrating 7 Years In Business!!

In just a few days, we will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary as a personal development and leadership coaching company!

For a small black-owned business, we've come a long way. From little gatherings, a handful of clients, and only a few initiatives a year, we've graduated to bigger and better things.

Truthfully, it's all because of you! Yes, you read correctly :) Without the kind support of our friends, families, and people who believed in our coaching methods, and courses...iCreate Inc. International would never have gotten this far.

Every day we work harder with you in mind, because that's what good business is all about! For us, it's always been connecting with others and sharing those moments where we see your eyes light up because of something you've learned and the investment you've made within yourself.

So as we celebrate 7 years on October 3rd, we're bringing to an end the old, welcoming the new, and saying thank you.

7 marks the number of completion, and we're just so pleased to see how much we've changed. This fresh start will surely add to your personal development as clients and ours as a company.

We hope you can be part of this momentous occasion with us by RSVP'ing to our anniversary party here!

Cheers to year 8. The year of reaching more goals, helping more people, and creating more realities.

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