Go Hard or Go Home! The Best Motto To Live By

It seems like everything in life was meant to drain us of something. And sometimes, even if we exert little to no energy, we end up exhausted from the day's work.

But the truth of the matter is that with all good things come hard work. Sure you hear of stories where people make it big due to luck, but most times when you dig deeper into the story, you'll also find out that in some way, shape, or form they were working hard for that payoff. And if they didn't before it happened, when they get to that position of influence, they end up working continuously to keep their spot.

They went HARD so they didn't have to go HOME- the best motto to live by.

Harsh words when our society is wired to have immediate satisfaction, but the old tale stands. Working hard on yourself, your products, your business, your brand, and your relationships day in and day out will produce a payoff.

Even when the days seem dark and nothing seems to be working...everything comes together for the fruits of your labor to be realized.

When the road seems dim, your job is to keep going. It's to keep planning and plugging away so your reality eventually lines up with your visions. When you're actively pursuing what you want with laser-focused intention, that dream of yours becomes that much closer.

Going hard isn't just for today. It's for all the days to come. It's the blood, sweat, and tears, the late nights, the compromise and so much more that makes the victory even sweeter and your story that much more relatable.

When you're found working...your hopes, dreams, and purpose are bound to find you.

Yes, life gets hard and we all at times feel like giving up or getting lazy and some days we will. We all will have bumps in the road, but my encouragement to you is not to let that bump get you down. Pick your tools back up and get back to working hard on your OWN road.

I promise you that GO HARD or GO HOME is the best motto to live by and the mentality will be your lifesaver. When you feel like settling in your down days, think of how far you've come. Your accountability to the dreams, the life, and the relationships you want will push you farther than you could've ever imagined.

So if there's one thing to hold firm to- it's to keep working, keep playing hardball, and NEVER go home!

It's only up from here.

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