Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day!

The world we live in wouldn't even exist without women and the divine role God created them to play in the development and advancement of life and civilization as we know it.

There's a popular quote that says, "Behind every good man there's a greater woman". I totally agree, in fact, I'm the man I am today because of some amazing women have loved and supported me throughout my life and I couldn't let this day pass without acknowledging some of the women who have played a major role in my life and career.

I'd like to start with my mother, Sharon Brown who taught me from the beginning that I can do literally anything I set my mind to and to never limit myself and my potential or the potential consequences of my choices. One of the earliest lessons I can remember her teaching me was when she taught me how to read at three years old. I had no clue of how significant that was until I was in kindergarten and my teacher sent me to read with 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd graders...

Another woman is my grandmother, Alice Ingram. Her relentless love and voice of wisdom and peace has helped keep me grounded and remember my significance through some of the hardest and lowest times of my life. Last February (pre-COVID) we celebrated her 80th birthday and by the outpouring of people who insisted to come show their love and appreciation for all she's done for them over the years, I realized how blessed I am to be her favorite and oldest grandson!

And last, but certainly not least my wife, best friend, mother of my children and life partner, Nicoya Ingram. I don't know where to start about Nicoya's love, support and loyalty. She met me at a time that on the outside I didn't seem like a man worth or worthy of her attention, but somehow God allowed her to see beyond all that. I was 20 years old trying to find myself. I wasn't looking for love, but a friend and that relationship grew into a 15 year marriage, 8 beautiful children and working together to engage, enrich and empower people around to become their best selves!

These are just three of hundreds of women that have contributed to my life and career over the years. There's no way I could list them all here, so if you're one of those women, I want you and the world to know how much I appreciate you and there are hundreds of people, businesses and organizations around who are better because of your love and support!

Happy International Women's Day to you all and may God continue to bless you and the lives you touch each and everyday!