The World Is Messed Up- Here's How You Can Help The Youth Right Now

Given the circumstances in the world and the recent events regarding the black community, it's important to take a moment for our youth.

While families are outraged, and understandably so, as a people, we must continue to spread love to overcome the issues at hand.

We must uplift, encourage, steward, and invest in the ones that come behind us. The youth who can truly make a difference.

Truthfully, they are the ones who will create a world where no one has to walk in fear.

A grave responsibility which stems from the home and from the people in their lives who carry influence...those who add investment.

The deposits we make in the lives of youth ultimately changes the scope of humanity.

But how can you help them now?

Set them up with people who make a difference. Find the go-getters, inspirational leaders, visionaries, positive thinkers, and those willing to mentor and take these kids under their wings.

Allow them to grow up believing and knowing that they are worth it. That they can and will accomplish everything that's been placed inside them to achieve. Let their lives be pleasing every day to the point where they are the problem-solvers, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, and the rays of hope this world desperately needs.

As parents, or caretakers, life gets hard. You want to make sure you curate an incredible circle of people to inspire and uplift the children in your life when you can't. But things get busy, and no one has to struggle during the journey of raising the next generation of powerful leaders on their own.

For the families that are already on their way to creating their child's growth circles- we salute you. But if you're reading and feel like you don't know where to start, or like you're burdened because nothing you do seems to change the outcome of others' actions in the world...know that it's okay.

We are here to meet you with your frustrations. We are here to meet your child's frustrations while navigating this complex and confusing space.

Let us become active in their growth circle. Let us lighten the burden and make life easier for the youth in your community. Together, we can help them make a difference.

It's time to change the world --holding one hand at a time.

Read more on our special Student Leadership Program in partnership with Youth Entrepreneurs tailored to help youngsters navigate the difficulties in life with excellence here.

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