How To Grow Your Business In A Digital Era

COVID-19 changed a lot of things! In some instances, these changes were so needed and as a growing company, we're grateful for the push to innovate.

That being said, we're sharing a few of our tips for growing your business in a digital era.

If you're operating in the 21st century, the first thing you'd need would be a good website.

This seems so obvious, but many businesses are currently operating with a website that isn't so wonderful. Sure they may have all the bells and whistles or they might have cost a pretty penny, but a good website is one that lays everything out for a potential customer.

Based on our own business lessons, we've discovered that a great place to start increasing your company's growth is to audit your website to make sure everything is super easy to find at first glance. Ensure that your descriptions tell visitors exactly what your company does and verify that it is SEO compliant. Lastly, check to see that your website is mobile-friendly. This is something we just did ourselves, and it's probably the biggest mistake made by smaller companies because we tend to forget that people browse the net on their phones!

The second thing to do is to make use of email marketing campaigns. You can do this via several platforms that are super awesome CRM's. These include platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Sendinblue, and Drip just to name a few.

Platforms like these keep everything organized and makes the work much easier than managing multiple customer relation sites. Not to mention, you can easily keep track of customer behavior which allows businesses to tailor content so that it always leads to sales.

Our last easy tip is to take advantage of social media. Be sure to share your company brand with the world! Let people know what your company stands for and engage with users on a daily basis. This can be done via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and Podcasts!

Each platform can be tailored to share different voices of your company and they all provide options for sales conversions.

Using these platforms coupled with Google ads, and the ads options provided in the social sites boosts your connectivity with customers ultimately building customer trust (super important) and eventually more sales!

We just ventured into the world of podcasts to reach more people on a broader scale- in a way that's not so salesy and we're super excited to see how this platform grows our business.

Stay tuned for the link to listen in on September 23rd!

Hopefully, these tips give some insight into growing your business in a digital era! Feel free to share or comment below if you have additional tips that didn't make the list!

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