Why Does Intention Matter When It Comes To Success

Updated: May 29, 2020

The greatest part about sharing on the Power Of One’s Finish Strong Bootcamp has been taking you along for the ride. I literally get to tell you all about the sessions and what to expect and I have to say that I’m loving it. 

Personal success has always made me happy and honestly, I get even happier when I know that I’ve been able to help other people become successful. That’s why I’m always intentional with who I do business with.

In fact, intention is so important to me that I’ve made it a course in our Finish Strong Bootcamp. 

Throughout my life, I’ve realized that without intention it’s impossible to get anything done. The same goes when you don’t direct your attention. So, during our second installment of the Bootcamp, it is my personal goal to make all of our students intentional about their goals. 

Now, I’ve told you about Jim and how he got his act together and accomplished great things with a great team. What I didn’t say as yet, is that after learning about directing his focus, Jim was able to be intentional about executing. 

As his friend and coach, we came up with a plan that made him really sit, think, and do what he was purposed to do. We had in-depth conversations about life, his failures, his successes, and his new path which ultimately led him to live the life that he’s always wanted. With that said, my desire is to translate all of that knowledge to fit your vision. And as we go through each course of the Bootcamp, you’ll soon learn that no plan will ever come to fruition without symbiosis. 

You see, with all this talk about manifestation and being a “goal digger” in 2019 it all comes back to how hard you focus on your dreams, how much you intend to work on them, and lastly actually working on them. 

If you’re not serious about your life or your aspirations and you don’t start putting all your efforts behind the things you want, no one will know that you’re serious. I guess this is almost stating the obvious and maybe I’m being a little redundant, but, if you only kind of want something or if you don’t know HOW to get your energy behind making things happen (so everything else will fall into place)- again I say, you won’t ever see all your dreams come true. 

That’s why my team at iCreate is allowing you the freedom to create your own actionable destiny. You, my friend, will officially be “icreating” your personal journey to success through each week of our tailored Finish Strong Bootcamp. 

Start before the year is out and we will help you master the art of intention along with a couple of other steps that let everyone know you’re serious about doing you.

The first step to showing you’re serious and becoming more intentional is by registering for our Bootcamp today. 

See you in class. 

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