This Calls For A Celebration | Our First Book Launch

This year has been a year of firsts. iCreate has become more innovative, more aware, and more thankful for the blessings that have come our way.

We've been involved in lots of ventures but one venture, in particular, makes me smile even wider than before.

I'm talking about the release of my first book called The Power of One Leadership Playbook! This book has been a long time baby if you wish to indulge me.

I can't fully express how special this moment is, but I do know that I want to celebrate the release of my first book with my iCreate family. While we're all still social distancing, I made it super easy for you to be part of the festivities.

So just like many of the things the company has done this month, we're making this launch party virtual! I will even have some special prizes and iCreate stuff to give away for my friends that attend.

Truthfully, this launch is more than a celebration, but a symbol of what's to come. This book is meant to inspire the many people wishing to reach their full potential.

Every winner has a playbook they followed to become the star player/ team we recognize today and I wanted to create the same guidelines for success for us everyday dreamers.

The book is so bigger than me and the company because it addresses all the answers that people are looking for while assuring you of your purpose.

We are all put on earth for a reason, and my book is the guide to help you access that reason and motivate you along the way.

So please join us in celebrating on Friday, May 1st for the release of The Power of One Leadership Playbook!

Click here for party tickets and here to purchase or learn more about the book!

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